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Here's a sample of what's inside this 62 page book:

  • Why You Need This Book (Page 3)
  • 5 Things Every Parent Must Know (Page 10)
  • 13 Tips for Choosing a Guardian for Your Minor Children (Page 14)
  • Protecting Your Children with Asset Protection Trusts (Page 18)
  • Protecting a Special Needs Child (Page 19)
  • The 25 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes People Make (Page 21)
  • The Foundational Estate Plan-What Documents You Need (Page 39)
  • Strategies for the $1 Million to $10 Million Estate: Eliminating or Reducing Estate Taxes (Page 44)
  • What to Look for When Hiring an Attorney (Page 52)
  • Case Studies (Page 58)

"Safeguarding the Nest" is an easy-to-use guide that you'll want to read again and again for information on how to properly and legally protect those most precious in your life. Plus you'll also get a FREE trial subscription to my exclusive "Wealth Advisor" e-zine!

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“I’m so glad we read this book and got our estate plan in place. This book really helped to clarify all our options. With all the things that could go wrong, it is so comforting to know that our family will be taken care of the way our family intended." –Tim and Kelly Huckaby, Carlsbad, CA

"Even though my children are now adults, I found so much useful information in this book to help my husband and I legally plan for our family. This book is definitely a MUST read!" Anne Coulter, Carlsbad, CA

“I never knew there was so much misinformation out there on protecting our family. This book saved us so much time and many mistakes we would have made if we hadn’t read it first.” Katrina Stainton, Encinitas, CA

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